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Tannerite Exploding Target 1/2 lb Tannerite 1/2ET for sale from 2-Swords Tactical & Defense. Tannerite PP Exploding Target Pro Pack 10 Centerfire Rifle 1 lb Targets *Pricing and availability are subject to change at any time without notice. When shot, it produces a water vapor and a thunderous boom resembling an explosion. Tannerite (R) brand targets are the shot indicator targets of choice for. Buy the Tannerite Exploding Targets Starter Kit and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. exploding targets with 4 catalyst packs, a mixing container and a set of earplugs. The clear plastic jar targets feature white plastic lids and blaze orange.

Free Shipping! Tannerite Exploding Rifle 1/2 lb. Target Kit is a safe and reliable product, only going off when you want it to. Mix It, Shake It, and Shoot It. Sporting Goods Hunting & Shooting Equipment Targets. 1 Lb. Tannerite Exploding Target. UPC: Model: 1 ET SKU: SKU: PP20 Categories: 1/2 lb Targets, PROPACKS, Rifle Targets Attention: We Can Not ship to CANADA unless you have an Explosive Importation Permit from Canada. Tannerite KST Kill Shot Hanging Target 8"x16"x". Tannerite Exploding Rifle Target br 1/2 lb. 1 pk. | · In Stock Online Only. Tannerite detonations only occur when the target is hit with a bullet at high velocity, producing a large explosion and cloud of water vapor. This is useful for. The STR contains 6 1/2 pound Targets, premeasured packets of catalyst, mixing container and instructions. Attention: Some counties in the State of California. Tannerite Exploding Target 1 lb 10 Pack PP10 for sale from PATRIOTS AMMO & ARMS LLC. The Tannerite 1 lb. Binary Brick Targets 4-Pack are for use with centerfire rifles with bullets traveling at fps and include 4 binary exploding targets. Tannerite® Brand Binary Exploding Targets are a binary explosive used primarily as a shot indicator for firearms practice. Tannerite® is unique in that it. Get the same effect as standard rifle targets but with minimum noise. Gift Pack includes: 10 lbs Tannerite Mix. 20 Target Pouches – 1/2lb targets; Catalyst.

Designed to explode when hit at speeds of at least fps, the Tannerite Single 2 lb. Bnary Target is compatible with centerfire rifles. Tubby Target kit ~ Single Mushroom® Target holder with 1/2ET Target. $ Tannerite® Prairie Dog Target ~ Single Pack of 4 Cardboard Targets. $ Add. Tannerite and other exploding targets are designed for use with centerfire rounds and create a small blast when hit, making it easy to confirm if you've made. Tannerite, which is typically used as an explosive target for firearms To do so, he filled the refrigerator with H2 Targets' exploding targets. Jason. Tannerite is a brand of binary explosive targets used for firearms practice and sold in kit form. The targets comprise a combination of oxidizers and a fuel. Tannerite binary exploding rifle target and White Lightning binary exploding targets are great for checking your shooting accuracy. Produces explosion. Attention: Some counties in the State of California may require an explosive or destructive device permit for the use of binary rifle targets. The purchaser of. Brand Tannerite Category Explosive Targets Model Exploding Target Material Tannerite Ammo Type High-Velocity Centerfire Rifle Size 1 lb Auto Resetting No. Outlaw X Exploding Target Mix 45lbs for $ shipped! Compare to Tannerite®.

Tannerite will not cause a fire and can not be initiated by any method other than a center fire rifle. A person who combines binary targets for non-commercial. Tannerite® 2 Pound Extreme Range Target ~ Single 2 Pound Target · ; White Lightning™ Rim-fire Target – 15 Shots · ; Ten 1/2 lb Tannerite® Targets – HP Tannerite brand targets offer a unique and exciting shooting experience, designed specifically to be safe and only initiated by a centerfire rifle. Tannerite Exploding Rifle Targets are supplied as 2 separate stable compounds, that when mixed as indicated in the instructions, produce an audible explosion. Tannerite binary exploding rifle target and White Lightning binary exploding targets are great for checking your shooting accuracy. Produces explosion.

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Mix it! Shake it! Shoot it! • Perfect for long range target practice and fun to use • Exceptionally stable and non-explosive until mixed • Gives immediate. Each package includes the two easy-to-mix components and separate target containers for a total of 13 targets. Manufacturer, Tannerite. Pricing Unit, CS. Model. Shooting Sports / Targets / Exploding. Exploding. Sort & Filter. Brand. Sonic Boom 5; Tannerite 3. Compare Product. Showing 8 results. Products Per Page.

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